Ms. Maybell Portrait

I never realized how times go by swirlling underneath our noses. As I walk by Lexington Ave  towards First Ave, I noticie how Spanish Harlem has become a quite another neigborhood. This 2015 summer has been hot! The new mayor, the Blasio deals with police brutality, Times Square naked dances and the regular increase of homeless people on the streets. Despite all old news I fell nostalgic in the city!

El Barrio, where a call home away from home, has it own pace and people. Nowdays, many folks are gone unexpected. Perhaps, they could not endure the sign of time: aging. Like Ms. Maybell, such lovely and hard working “senora”. She died a decade ago alone in a home care somewhere in the Bronx. Ms. Maybell was well liked around the block among everybody. Mostly, had enjoyed her estories and her loved pet.

Ms. Maybell’s portrait is a homage to the timeshare and moments we spent together on 305 East 109th Street, Harlem. To her grace, joyfull spirit and kidness. God Bless us all!


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