Lovely Nestled Studio

I do make art for pleasure !….

Practice  makes it better

Lately, I spend much more quality time working on my art projects, which involves much more planning time, organizing and practicing with the materials. My goal as an artist is to tell a story that is worth of sharing. I believe that people will get along well when they make connections and identify with each other about issues that are important to the whole village. I want to meet creative people to share about my art vision.

I used a lot of  bright colors mostly because my upbringing. I like to insert raw materials a kind of recycling my life through mixed media. There are nuances, and stories derived from my personal experience. Mostly, the ones which had impacted  my life. It dictates my choices of subject. I am a storyteller!

Photography is a medium that I love to deal with too. Nature, landscape, and abandoned street dogs are the main subject of my work.

Art making definitely, it has enhanced the quality of my life!

Vic Sanz@[miriam]


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