Take me there for grace and peace!

Floating Angel: take me there for grace!

Late night I was just watching the news.
The regular stuff that permeates our lives everyday.
Here and there!

Everywhere there are still a misery, prejudice, and violence!
Everyday as usual the media delivers human  disasters as a reality show.

It comes in a  stale note, rude and deprived of any feeling. However, it depends to whom the message is convey. There are subtle ways to send the message, and a segment of disfranchised group of people are the most affected for its disregard.

I felt lke turning off the “dam box” in order to be able to reach my confortable zone!
But, there is a tragedy another tragedy!
As I watch it my heart goes to the ones that are suffering the most.

Children and women!

Once again it happened! Haitian people has been through a lot of devastation, displacement, and pain.

Deep on my heart I start to pray for their souls!

I imagine an angel floating arising over the water.

Vic Sanz@(miriam)


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