Papier-Mâché Mache Dolls: Life Memoir

Sweet Memories 

1965 Christmas…

I came down the stairs rushing to open my Christmas’ gift. Laying down underneath the tree,  small box laced up was waiting for me. I rushed to pick it anxious to see the content. A black doll with jet burgundy hair color was waiting for me.  I felt in love at first site!

Each  doll I make has it own story! My goal is to recreate my personal journey, a kind of memoir dealing about  my life’s encounters. Mostly of my stories have a happy ending. The sad ones, I keep dearly encrusted in  my heart. I’ve been waiting for the time that I’d able to create art. Because, it  comes handy to sudden the spirits and accept our fate.

As a storyteller, I share ideias, illusions, realities and images.  Having a doll without a face, leave space for everybody’s imagination. Many different dolls through history have had no features. It is  a part of my world beyond the borders between race, age, nationality  and stereotypes.

Meet Kabila & Olivia: Guess who are them? Young fresh pearls setting a part from the immense Atlantic Ocean.

Kabila represents all the dynamic, and sweet children that I met once in Soweto in 1996. They sang and danced to greet us at the Annual Teacher’s Convention! Through their powerful  voice and charismatic demeanor I travel back home to Olivia.

Where is she? I missed her dearly!

My dearest classmate at junior high school in Rio. Sometimes we’d take together the long way back  home from school. By foot, therefore we’d be saving money tô buy sweet snacks in the school cafeteria.

We’re inseparable in school, but she never invited me to her house, on the hills!

Vic Sanz@(Miriam)


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