Once upon a time….

Great time teaching art in New York Public Schools

The date was 21 March 2005, and I was appointed for a position as an art teacher in the Bronx. I felt great right after the job interview in the Bronx. There was no question, though, the interview was intense, I was assertive and ready for the position.

Happily, this was a just a small fry compared to what was to  come next. The school building sat near to the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx right across the High Bridge in the Bronx, and it dilapidated neighborhood.

I must  be prepared on day one in school,  surrounding myself with my best art supplies as a travel art teacher in a building with five story floor with no elevator. As it was, however, I survived my first day and many others that came challenge my soul, my spirit and my ability to help students to learn.

💕God Bless us

Vic Sanz


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