Vic Sanz – Artist Statement

Petite Poupee   /  Munecas     /    Little Dolls

 Artist Statement

I create dolls through the medium of paper mache as a way to express myself through visual arts. I love colors and I use my  intuition for arranging colors.   Paper mache is fun and affordable, but it requires quite a  length working process.  I use newspaper, water and Elmer’s glue to make a pulp. I use  found objects such as a fabric, paper paraphernalia, old bottoms, and shiny things to decorate the dolls.  Every doll I create is a unique piece of love and  craft,  to resemble to ethnic figures.   I want my dolls  to  evoke a joyful and charismatic  look. Some dolls might be used either as a decorative or a utilitarian  piece.

I grew up  in South America,  lately I moved to New York to teach art in public schools.   I graduate with a Masters in Art Education, from the City College of New York in 2001.  When I am not busy working on my art pieces  I  practice meditation.  I am looking forward to embrace this  art adventure with  great spirit.  I am on my way to create  art  depicting  those special moments when art and life intertwine.

Vic Sanz


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