Hand Healing

2013 was a year of transformation for me. I made a decision to change my professional life. I  left a  job that was draining my creativity and well being.  To my understanding, teaching art were supposed to be fun. Instead, I found myself going over piles of paper working.

Three years ago I took an early retirement from teaching to pursue my true passion. I want to  take advantage of my creative side  on my own financial benefit. Also, I want to  be happy. It has been achieved slowly not yet done to a full extent. At least I feel ready and willing to take on this journey: to be an full time artist.

The paint above was part of my big life decision. Winter time to me is unforgetable season, morning  is always difficult I feel pain my hands lose stability. It was January, I woke up early  with a frozen hand , because a carpal tunnel  affliction. Despite my daily  routine of visiting doctors and twice  per week hand & knees therapy-appointments. Despite all difficulties I  continued painting. One day after the therapist finished casting my hands for treatment. I decided to take the gesso casting piece home includeding the piece into a paint.

The “Hand Healing” piece shows my favorite place near to the window. I used to sit. there to look at the sky. It took longer to have the painting done. But, I looked forward to have it done despite the pain.  As I worked on the piece I dreamed about being in a summery location with flowers, and blue skies.

Therefore, I let my imagination to guide me through my dream!

Vic Sanz@ ( Miriam)


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